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keep left keep left The latest addition to our merchandise range is a new vinyl sticker to show the world that they should be using the left lane of the motorway! The simple but effective "keep left" vinyl sticker can be placed anywhere on the car and comes in several colours.

Also available are our longstanding t-shirt designs. Show your support and wear your t-shirt with pride!

As always, email me to suggest which of my slogans and images you feel would best suit a howmotorwayswork t-shirt or vinyl. The next designs will be focused around the middle lane images I have on the site. I am currently trying to source an online vinyl / sticker company.

gizmoSeveral designs now available!

I have created three vector designs over the last few months:

The vector format (printing on colours other than white) provides a pressed material transfer that won't fade and is extremely durable. I have a couple of these T-shirts myself and can assure any potential buyers that the quality is very good.

motorwayIf you would prefer a design without the how motorways work sign at the bottom of the t-shirt, then let me know - I can upload alternatives to the online t-shirt company.

Many products are available in this style, mouse mats, fitted t-shirts, girls tops, t-shirts, mugs, buttons!.

All these T-shirts are available in various colours and styles. If there is anything you see that you'd like as a different colour or font then let me know and I will arrange for the new design to be added to the shop. Enjoy!

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