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New: Middle lane arguments!


No one is perfect on the motorway. Agreed. But how motorways work is looking at the opposite end of the almost comical scale. In fact we're looking so far down the scale that you probably can't see the "perfect" end of the driving scale that we're considering; it's a pin-prick in the distance, obscured by the glare of xenon lights.

Along our journey at the lower end of this scale we shall meet many victims¹ that have fallen from a great height through the universal idiot-tree. Bathing in ignorance and blissfully unaware, these uneducated fools merrily go about their motorway journey oblivious to the common-sense rules the highway code clearly lays out. My patience has worn thin over the years, and after countless miles I have finally decided it is time to put into words what I feel every time some hollow-headed or self-important fool stays in the middle lane, so here you have it:

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How motorways work is a site designed to educate and inform the retarded motorway dwellers of the united kingdom. A by-product of this site and also a pure coincidence, is comical entertainment.

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The first design has been released! A superb black and white portrayal of Gizmo on the Xenon lights page can allow you show your support for howmotorwayswork and it's message to the UK's driving population.

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¹ When I use the word "victim" I really mean something much ruder. Yet, however furious I am, I refuse to swear profusely on this site. Regrettably there will be some instances where my rage is so great that I have no other choice. My apologies in advance. I aim to put my point across in other ways, like the pictures I have created for this site. You don't have to look far to see them.

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