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Rubber Neckers

Driver type: Nosey neighbour
Mentality: Limited
Speed: 1mph
I-spy guide: Eyes right

"Ooooo, that car looks like Mr Richardson's. Look at the nice Fireman cutting him out. Ooooo that looks like it might have smarted a little, however that blue jumper doesn't go with his earth coloured trousers, oh my god that's Mrs Jefferson unconcious in the passenger seat! Ooooo, they'll be interested in this at the council meeting."

We've all been stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway at some time or other, wondering what's caused the delay. However there is nothing quite like the disbelief when it dawns on you that the accident is on the other side of the motorway.

I've seen it all, people braking to have a look, nosey idiots thinking they need to have a peek at some broken skin or splintered bones, morbid fascination staring into the face of Mr Gerald Reaper.

motorway queue
Nobody was hurt in the making of this site

It was only the other day eastbound on the M4 that I was subject to exactly this kind of behaviour. The accident happened about half a mile ahead on the westbound carriageway, yet within 10 seconds we were stood still. I can accept that people would slow down for a crash at the time of the accident in case of debris or a car breaching the barriers, but this was a typical 4 car shunt with no impact on our side of the motorway. It took 10 minutes to reach the "scene", at which point the cars in front still dawdled at 10mph to have a peek. Unbelievable. God knows what it was like 3 miles back down the motorway.

There is no better term to describe this behaviour than "rubber necking". Get on with your driving and pay attention to the road in front, not the bloody accident you sad little minions! You have your own life, get on with it and stop causing a backlog of traffic for no reason.

I bet you've caused a second pile-up further down the flow of traffic; you should be held responsible and have your arms chopped off!



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