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Classic "Middle Lane" arguments


Next time you're down the pub arguing with someone as to why they should use the left lane, point them to this page. Here are a list of the classic idiot's middle lane arguments and their appropriate response.

1. If I'm doing 70mph then anyone overtaking me is breaking the law.

I should point out first and foremost that overall speed is not the issue with lane discipline. It's relative speed that determines which lane you should use and there should be no arguments containing a specific speed as the focus point. I'll let this one go and argue with the 70mph comment:

Consider that the motorway is full with traffic in the middle and right hand lanes, all doing a nice, safe, brainless 70mph as described in the argument. The idiots in the middle lane refuse to use the left lane because "anyone overtaking me is breaking the law so it's OK to be in the middle lane", even if it is clear. As a result the whole motorway system is at two-thirds capacity if no one uses the left lane. That point alone should be enough.


Secondary points include: It's not an individual motorist's responsibility to uphold the law - that's the job of the Police. No two speedos read the same so there will be constant changes in speed above and below the 70mph in question and therefore the argument is flawed right from the word go. The naivity of the 70mph statement is also massively embarrassing - people do speed on the motorway whether it's 5mph or 25mph, live with this fact and don't pretend that you can argue your middle lane stupidity by resorting to this sort of selfish attitude.

The fact is that you use the left lane unless overtaking and it really is as simple as that. It's ironic that the simplest of rules is incomprehensible for the simplest of brains.

2. I stay in the middle lane because I don't want to keep changing lanes as this is dangerous and pointless most of the time if I have to keep coming back out to overtake slow traffic.

Changing lanes is not dangerous. Changing lanes without knowing what is around you is dangerous. If you don't know what's around you then you should call it a day and take a bus instead. Not changing lanes because it is pointless shows bad discipline and a complete lack of respect for other road users. We share the roads - so should you.


3. If I use the left hand lane then I get blocked in.

Shame on you! If you get blocked in you don't deserve to be able to overtake. Most road users can vary their speed to fit into appropriate gaps in traffic in each lane when they need to overtake. If the only way you can get into another lane is to stay at a constant speed and force your way in then you confirm everything that is written in this site. Sad but strangely satisfying at the same time.

4. If your car is in the centre lane and there is an incident where avoiding action is required then you have two escape options, to either the left or right.

Don't make me laugh. You're just as likely to hit an incident in the middle lane as any other lane, maybe even more likely. Will you never use the right hand lane because this decreases the escape routes? Ridiculous. In the left lane you could use the hard shoulder to escape the incident.

5. Lorries tramline the left lane and this can throw a car to one side or the other, which is dangerous.

To begin with, there can't be more than 5% of all left lanes that are tramlined in the UK. If it's so bad then move to the middle once you notice that the road is tramlined. You can also straddle the bad tramlines or drive in them without issues. Calling them dangerous is ridiculous and if you can't handle surface undulations then don't drive at all.


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