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The Fast Laner

fast lane
Driver type: Challenged
Mentality: Chipped shoulder
Speed: As fast as the car in front
Vehicle: All types
I-spy guide: Look to the right

"A new breed has been born. Only the strongest survive, clashing their metaphorical horns with other similarly well endowed alpha-drivers. Living life on the edge, they fearlessly conquer all twelve feet of what lesser mortals refer to as THE FAST LANE."

What's the deal here? Are people so short sighted to think they don't need to use the inside and middle lanes? Glance at any motorway at any period of the day and you'd be forgiven for thinking so. The days of people moaning about middle laners may well be over, only to be replaced by even more furious drivers complaining about this emerging breed of fast laners.

There can only be two main reasons why this behaviour occurs.

driving license
Give them a fine!

The first is bone idleness. The fast laner in question only moves out of the way if a faster car is behind. How do you know this is the case? Maybe if you pull into the middle lane then they'll just stay in the fast lane and wait for someone to appear behind them? You can't tell if they're faster or not, so just be done with it and pull over. It's worrying to think that a person in charge of a 2 tonne machine hurtling along at 80mph cannot be bothered to obey the Highway Code. God only knows what would happen if they ever have to apply the brakes or reach over to the indicator stalk.

The second is a stubborn and confused mentality that they are the fastest car on the road. They doggedly refuse to pull over to the point where the driver of the car behind will become so impatient that they undertake. Who's at fault here? In my eyes it's the fast laner, in other people's eyes it'll be the undertaking car. That's a shame because it's the moron in the fast lane that should be given a ban and some points.

A lot of accidents on the roads are caused by impatient drivers. How about not making them impatient in the first place?

Bring back middle laners.



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