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After only 3 days of going "live", it became apparent that howmotorwayswork had touched the hearts of a fair few thousand drivers in the UK and beyond. That makes me happy, at least I am not alone in my thoughts as I pass the hours on the motorway.

Currently, about 400mb of bandwidth passes through my hosts' network cables every day, and given that my pages are mostly text based without fancy wizardry and animations, this works out at about 10,000 individual page hits every 24 hours. About 50 times more than any other site I've created.

I'm going to try and drum up some advertising on the site, so if any of you know someone who may want some decent publicity and exposure then let me know. Cheers.

Please feel free to spread the word, use my images as signatures in your forums, and email anyone and everyone you can (regarding this site, not about general chit chat).

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Go to and select Bam Bam breakfast - Friday. Or this link may work: Bam Bam wma audio clip (2 mins). Cheers Bam!

The author

Born in 1978, brought up in the hills of Yorkshire double-declutching a trusty Landrover from the age of 10, passed driving test in 1995 and moved to Birmingham in 2001, noticed a marked deterioration in the standard of motorway driving around this period, perhaps this was fuelled by a critical eye and an intolerance of stupidity whilst driving (hypocritical compared to my 17-year old behaviour). Driven many many motorway miles up to the present day, currently incandescent with rage but only mentally and never physically. Focused rage on something constructive: this website.


If you want to contact me regarding advertising, merchandise or any other reason then feel free to use my email address

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